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xx Minecraft: Guildcraft spawn and claim download!
December 09, 2016, 06:11:20 pm by Krishiv
So I was trying to find out how to download server worlds and I stumbled upon a mod that was WorldDownloader.

Here, I have downloaded the spawn and the claim chunks so that you can explore, observer, test(and surprisingly, grief).

Our Claim: Download!

Spawn: Download!

1.You cannot see the items in the chest for the spawn world.
2.The inventory shown is my current inventory, you can't change it.
3.The world is limited.
4.There might be some chunks that are out of place.
6.Cheats are enabled.
7.You are in Spectator mode at first, you might need to switch to creative(by pressing F3+N or /gamemode 0)
8.No entities have been downloaded due to the bug in the mod
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xx Forum cleanup#2 and status
October 08, 2016, 03:33:34 pm by Krishiv
Hello, today I will be talking about the Forum Cleanup#2 and what's the current status of things.

This is all what changed in the forum

  • Added 'Say hello' topic because there wasn't one
  • Moved all topics from News&Shares to general.
  • Off-topic now supports spam
  • Changed Deja-Vu board to 'My games' so you can discuss about both DejaVu and DoStuff
  • Removed News&Shares, there's no need for that when we got General.
  • Moved some topics in appropriate locations.

Status of my games:

DoStuff:It's on hiatus due to a lot of distractions. It won't have game maker server support. It's dropped. Also the next version will be the last version of DoStuff to ever release.

DejaVu:It's dead anyway.
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xx DoStuff: Custom Content Coming Soon!
August 09, 2016, 06:15:47 pm by Krishiv
Custom Content!

Custom content for DoStuff is coming soon! It currently looks like above
The Next update for DoStuff will include the following
  • Support to add custom sprites to any object
    • May not work on every object
  • New Saving system. Files saved using old system will never work
  • More stuff coming soon!
PS. This is my first post in html
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xx DoStuff:The fancy update(V 1.3 alpha)
August 04, 2016, 05:13:48 pm by Krishiv
A new DoStuff update has been released.
Get it Here.
  • Tutorial Levels
  • Every level has moving clouds.
  • New Revamped set select with cards
  • Walking Animation!
  • Diverse varieties of bricks
  • Pickup animation of coins
  • Server has a new /debugon command to debug.
  • Server has been upgraded to support the latest DoStuff Update
  • Starting and ending animation is now faster. No more waiting for the program to close.
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