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Topic Summary

Posted by: Krishiv
« on: August 09, 2016, 06:37:42 pm »

Chat log dump
 [18:25] == Krishiv [webchat@] has joined #Super-chatster
[18:25] == Tdsion [webchat@] has quit [Client Quit]
[18:26] == gamer [webchat@] has joined #Super-chatster
[18:26] <Krishiv> Now what
[18:26] == gamer [webchat@] has quit [Client Quit] [18:26] <Krishiv> Anyone?
[18:26] == gamer [webchat@] has joined #Super-chatster
[18:26] <Krishiv> Now what
[18:26] <gamer> idk
[18:26] <Krishiv> Dont refresh
[18:26] <gamer> ik
[18:27] <Krishiv> want to play dostuff Multiplayer edition?
[18:27] <gamer> not today
[18:27] <Krishiv> We got time
 [18:27] <Krishiv> My minecraft graphics got laggy
 [18:27] <gamer> but i will soon have to go
[18:27] <Krishiv> didnt render correctly
[18:27] <Krishiv> updated java. still remain
[18:27] <gamer> ok
 [18:28] <Krishiv> Q/A Time: Ask me
 [18:28] <gamer> which game have you been playing?
[18:28] <Krishiv> Atmosphir
[18:28] <gamer> oh
 [18:28] <Krishiv> And SUPERHOT
[18:28] <Krishiv> cuz my computer is fixed
[18:28] <gamer> Superhot is goood
 [18:28] <gamer> i plan on playing portal 2
 [18:28] <Krishiv> it still runs in slow mo
[18:29] <gamer> is ur steam account limited?
 [18:29] <Krishiv> idk
[18:29] <Krishiv> i got a steam acc and i havent been in it
[18:29] <gamer> did you bought anything with a credit card
[18:29] <gamer> ?
[18:29] <Krishiv> nothing
[18:29] <gamer> so its limited
 [18:29] <Krishiv> only bough MCPE
[18:29] <Krishiv> not from steam
 [18:29] <gamer> we cant add eachother on it
 [18:29] <Krishiv> from app store
 [18:29] <gamer> oh
 [18:30] <Krishiv> theres a steam emulator
[18:30] <gamer> i have like 8 games on steam
[18:30] <Krishiv> called SmartSteamEmu
 [18:30] <Krishiv> I got 2 games in it
[18:30] <gamer> which?
 [18:30] <Krishiv> Monaco and Portal 2
[18:30] <Krishiv> Monaco is good
[18:30] <gamer> If i get portal 2 we can play co op
[18:30] <Krishiv> Stealthy...
 [18:30] <Krishiv> I dont have portal 2 in my pc
 [18:30] <gamer> oh
[18:31] <Krishiv> its somewhere in other hdd
 [18:31] <Krishiv> old version tho
[18:31] <gamer> it will probably automatically update
 [18:31] <Krishiv> No it cant. its ****
[18:31] <gamer> you said you have it on steam
[18:31] <Krishiv> i have it on SmartSteamEmu(Steam emulator)
[18:31] <Krishiv> not real steam
 [18:32] <gamer> oh
 [18:32] <Krishiv> It just emulates that the game runs on steam
[18:32] <gamer> ok
 [18:32] <gamer> did you ever played cs?
[18:32] <Krishiv> No. But played GTA
[18:32] <Krishiv> and call of duty
[18:32] <Krishiv> on psp
[18:33] <Krishiv> which is now crap
[18:33] <gamer> why?
 [18:33] <Krishiv> its screen is messed up
[18:33] <gamer> oh you broke it?
 [18:33] <Krishiv> and has been recycled
 [18:33] <Krishiv> no
[18:33] <Krishiv> its in garbage somewhere
 [18:33] <Krishiv> I pressed the screen so hard that it happened
 [18:34] <Krishiv> It got badder and badder everyday
[18:34] <gamer> its screen was that weak?
[18:34] <Krishiv> no
[18:34] <Krishiv> The graphics werent fit
 [18:34] <Krishiv> The graphics got messed up
[18:34] <gamer> i have like 350 hours in cs go
[18:34] <Krishiv> gg
[18:34] <gamer> lol
[18:34] <gamer> i will have to go now bye
[18:34] <Krishiv> kk
 [18:35] <Krishiv> bye
 [18:35] <Krishiv> argh im not the admin
[18:35] <Krishiv> i havent got @ before the name

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