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Title: Minecraft todo list
Post by: Krishiv on October 08, 2016, 03:49:02 pm
Here you can post your MC todo lists and edit them as you like

Here's mine:
Get full diamond armor:Achieved 12/10/16
Build a great house:Achieved 6/10/16
Build a smeltery:Achieved 7/10/16
Build a nether portal:Achieved 7/10/16
Build a full beacon
Build enchantment station
Build brewing station
Build a farm:Achieved 12/10/16
Find and loot end city
Get elytra
Get P4 on diamond armor
Mine diamonds:Achieved 13/10/16
Break a diamond pickaxe:Achieved 12/10/16
Play a troll on someone:Achieved 14/10/16
Build a mob farm
Find and loot a nether fortress
Get magma block:Achieved 13/10/16
Get bone blocks:Achieved 13/10/16
Find and loot an ocean monument
Lose all my precious stuff in a klutzy move*
Get lucky on votes
Get 50K money
Get 100K money
Get loads of diamonds(64)
Expand the area
Get 500 power Levels(mcmmo)
Get 1000 power levels(mcmmo)
Get a legendary item from votechest.
Get 4 Diamond P4 sets.
Get Mending/Frost Walker enchantment.
Build a replica of end city in overworld.
Find enchanted gapple.
Kill a shulker.
Get killed by a shulker*
Craft an end crystal.
Be killed by end crystal's blast*
Get dragon head.
Craft end rod.
Get 64 chorus flowers.
Fall into void(with armor)*
Get lvl 100 XP.
Get a mobhead.
Get beetroot:Achieved 14/10/16
Become adept to 1.9 combat.
Beautify your shield:Achieved 14/10/16
Discover that the floor is lava(die while on magma block)*

Ok, here's a challenge for me and you:
Copy my todo list and paste it in yours. Whenever you complete a todo from my list, you get a point. Whoever completes all the todos wins.

My points:21

Note: All those todos that are marked with * should not be done deliberately and because they cost a life, they are worth 2 pts
Title: Re: Minecraft todo list
Post by: gamer on October 11, 2016, 11:27:45 am
These would have been my not to do list:
Fall into Void with armor
Lose all my precious stuff in a klutzy move
Get killed by a shulker
Be killed by end crystals blast
Title: Re: Minecraft todo list
Post by: Krishiv on October 11, 2016, 12:44:12 pm
Yeah, those todo's can only be a achieved when you don't do them deliberately. Will change some rules according to that.