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Title: How to join Trollcraft Server
Post by: Krishiv on November 07, 2016, 01:59:08 pm
This is a complicated Tutorial on how to join my Trollcraft Server.
1.First you need to download Hamachi. Here's the link ( Clink on the big green download button and install the program. After that you need to register an account on logmein. No no don't register yet, im putting the link below.
2.Register the account with this link (
3.Open the Hamachi program and login to yr newly made account.
4.Click on the gray power button to turn on VPN. Do it if yr interface looks like this.
5.After turning it on, goto Network->Join an existing network
6.Then you want to fill in the details in this box
Like in the image
7.Join the network and yr done with Hamachi.
8.Download the minecraft mods for trollcraft in here (
Create a folder in the mods folder named Old.
Then move ALL the items(files and folders) into the Old folder.
Create a new folder in the mods folder named 1.7.10
Unzip the Trollcraft mods in the 1.7.10 folder(in the mods folder).
9.Run minecraft with the launcher. Minecraft version should be 1.7.10 forge
Goto multiplayer then press Add server button and fill in the info in the given image.
Join the server and all done.
10.Shout "Trolled by none" in the shoutbox below so that I see that u done it.
Q:Can't join network
A:Check the settings again, you might be wrong.
Q:Can't connect to server!
A:Either yr settings are wrong or you haven't connected to the network first.
My pi is offline and the server isn't running. You can check that by looking at the dot beside the 'pi' user in the Hamachi network. White/grey=down. Blue=Recently turned off. Green=Online.
Shout "Get2Work" in the shoutbox so I can try my best to turn it on.
The server crashed! shout "FixIT" in the shoutbox so I know and turn it on.
P.S:The server will always be offline on weekends.
P.P.S:Server timing: 3pm-6:30pm (might extend if I want)
P.P.P.S:If the server shut down early, either my internet has gone OR I have to turn it off cuz of emergency OR I have to go out.