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Title: Trollcraft server rules
Post by: Krishiv on November 07, 2016, 08:16:09 pm
Here are the trollcraft server rules.

1.No cheating:included giving blocks to player, flying long distance.
2.If yr in a mine that's deep, you can use go to creative and get to surface and switch to survival
3.You can use NEI to find recipes of blocks and stuff.
4.Be close to each other's houses.
5.Copper didnt generate so you can use NEI to get copper blocks ONLY.
6.If server crash when u do something, make a topic on this forum to get refunds(of inventory only)
7.If you timeout, means my internet is down. Do a shout on the shout box of "get2work"
8.If a troll involves commands, you can use NEI to get command block. No /kill cmd or cmd that kills you indirectly with no guarantee of surviving.
9.The server is fragile so don't do a crapton of progress that takes a lot of time in 1 session

1.3 gravel make Flint.
2.Create a Flint pickaxe as its the lowest tier pickaxe.
3.To repair a tool, place it in the crafting with its material.
4.Use veinminer it is useful for mining and stuff./veinminer cmd if u can't veinmine something.
5.Turn on tooltips in NEI options.