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News / Minecraft: Guildcraft spawn and claim download!
« on: December 09, 2016, 06:11:20 pm »
So I was trying to find out how to download server worlds and I stumbled upon a mod that was WorldDownloader.

Here, I have downloaded the spawn and the claim chunks so that you can explore, observer, test(and surprisingly, grief).

Our Claim: Download!

Spawn: Download!

1.You cannot see the items in the chest for the spawn world.
2.The inventory shown is my current inventory, you can't change it.
3.The world is limited.
4.There might be some chunks that are out of place.
6.Cheats are enabled.
7.You are in Spectator mode at first, you might need to switch to creative(by pressing F3+N or /gamemode 0)
8.No entities have been downloaded due to the bug in the mod

Game disccusion / Trollcraft server rules
« on: November 07, 2016, 08:16:09 pm »
Here are the trollcraft server rules.

1.No cheating:included giving blocks to player, flying long distance.
2.If yr in a mine that's deep, you can use go to creative and get to surface and switch to survival
3.You can use NEI to find recipes of blocks and stuff.
4.Be close to each other's houses.
5.Copper didnt generate so you can use NEI to get copper blocks ONLY.
6.If server crash when u do something, make a topic on this forum to get refunds(of inventory only)
7.If you timeout, means my internet is down. Do a shout on the shout box of "get2work"
8.If a troll involves commands, you can use NEI to get command block. No /kill cmd or cmd that kills you indirectly with no guarantee of surviving.
9.The server is fragile so don't do a crapton of progress that takes a lot of time in 1 session

1.3 gravel make Flint.
2.Create a Flint pickaxe as its the lowest tier pickaxe.
3.To repair a tool, place it in the crafting with its material.
4.Use veinminer it is useful for mining and stuff./veinminer cmd if u can't veinmine something.
5.Turn on tooltips in NEI options.

Game disccusion / How to join Trollcraft Server
« on: November 07, 2016, 01:59:08 pm »
This is a complicated Tutorial on how to join my Trollcraft Server.
1.First you need to download Hamachi. Here's the link. Clink on the big green download button and install the program. After that you need to register an account on logmein. No no don't register yet, im putting the link below.
2.Register the account with this link
3.Open the Hamachi program and login to yr newly made account.
4.Click on the gray power button to turn on VPN. Do it if yr interface looks like this.

5.After turning it on, goto Network->Join an existing network

6.Then you want to fill in the details in this box
Like in the image

7.Join the network and yr done with Hamachi.
8.Download the minecraft mods for trollcraft in here
Create a folder in the mods folder named Old.
Then move ALL the items(files and folders) into the Old folder.
Create a new folder in the mods folder named 1.7.10
Unzip the Trollcraft mods in the 1.7.10 folder(in the mods folder).
9.Run minecraft with the launcher. Minecraft version should be 1.7.10 forge
Goto multiplayer then press Add server button and fill in the info in the given image.

Join the server and all done.
10.Shout "Trolled by none" in the shoutbox below so that I see that u done it.
Q:Can't join network
A:Check the settings again, you might be wrong.
Q:Can't connect to server!
A:Either yr settings are wrong or you haven't connected to the network first.
My pi is offline and the server isn't running. You can check that by looking at the dot beside the 'pi' user in the Hamachi network. White/grey=down. Blue=Recently turned off. Green=Online.
Shout "Get2Work" in the shoutbox so I can try my best to turn it on.
The server crashed! shout "FixIT" in the shoutbox so I know and turn it on.
P.S:The server will always be offline on weekends.
P.P.S:Server timing: 3pm-6:30pm (might extend if I want)
P.P.P.S:If the server shut down early, either my internet has gone OR I have to turn it off cuz of emergency OR I have to go out.

Trash / Re: Trollcraft MP modlist
« on: November 03, 2016, 08:58:37 pm »
You can get almost all the versions of all mods from Minecraft CurseForge. I use it to download mods with specific versions. Did u download all mods from either curse or CurseForge. Other sources are not applicable.
All mods are downloaded from CurseForge.


Trash / Trollcraft MP modlist
« on: November 01, 2016, 08:25:43 pm »
Heres the required mods to join trollcraft server

LuckyBlock 1.7.10-v5.1.0
AppleCore 1.7.10-1.3.2

All mods are for 1.7.10
If I didn't not the version of the mod. Assume that you have to download the mod for 1.7.10 ONLY.

Game disccusion / Re: Minecraft todo list
« on: October 11, 2016, 12:44:12 pm »
Yeah, those todo's can only be a achieved when you don't do them deliberately. Will change some rules according to that.

Game disccusion / Minecraft todo list
« on: October 08, 2016, 03:49:02 pm »
Here you can post your MC todo lists and edit them as you like

Here's mine:
Get full diamond armor:Achieved 12/10/16
Build a great house:Achieved 6/10/16
Build a smeltery:Achieved 7/10/16
Build a nether portal:Achieved 7/10/16
Build a full beacon
Build enchantment station
Build brewing station
Build a farm:Achieved 12/10/16
Find and loot end city
Get elytra
Get P4 on diamond armor
Mine diamonds:Achieved 13/10/16
Break a diamond pickaxe:Achieved 12/10/16
Play a troll on someone:Achieved 14/10/16
Build a mob farm
Find and loot a nether fortress
Get magma block:Achieved 13/10/16
Get bone blocks:Achieved 13/10/16
Find and loot an ocean monument
Lose all my precious stuff in a klutzy move*
Get lucky on votes
Get 50K money
Get 100K money
Get loads of diamonds(64)
Expand the area
Get 500 power Levels(mcmmo)
Get 1000 power levels(mcmmo)
Get a legendary item from votechest.
Get 4 Diamond P4 sets.
Get Mending/Frost Walker enchantment.
Build a replica of end city in overworld.
Find enchanted gapple.
Kill a shulker.
Get killed by a shulker*
Craft an end crystal.
Be killed by end crystal's blast*
Get dragon head.
Craft end rod.
Get 64 chorus flowers.
Fall into void(with armor)*
Get lvl 100 XP.
Get a mobhead.
Get beetroot:Achieved 14/10/16
Become adept to 1.9 combat.
Beautify your shield:Achieved 14/10/16
Discover that the floor is lava(die while on magma block)*

Ok, here's a challenge for me and you:
Copy my todo list and paste it in yours. Whenever you complete a todo from my list, you get a point. Whoever completes all the todos wins.

My points:21

Note: All those todos that are marked with * should not be done deliberately and because they cost a life, they are worth 2 pts

News / Forum cleanup#2 and status
« on: October 08, 2016, 03:33:34 pm »
Hello, today I will be talking about the Forum Cleanup#2 and what's the current status of things.

This is all what changed in the forum

  • Added 'Say hello' topic because there wasn't one
  • Moved all topics from News&Shares to general.
  • Off-topic now supports spam
  • Changed Deja-Vu board to 'My games' so you can discuss about both DejaVu and DoStuff
  • Removed News&Shares, there's no need for that when we got General.
  • Moved some topics in appropriate locations.

Status of my games:

DoStuff:It's on hiatus due to a lot of distractions. It won't have game maker server support. It's dropped. Also the next version will be the last version of DoStuff to ever release.

DejaVu:It's dead anyway.

Game disccusion / Re: Logic and reasoning games
« on: August 12, 2016, 03:06:10 pm »
Yup, but mostly all those games which are combination of them

Say hello / Re: Claraviolet
« on: August 12, 2016, 03:05:12 pm »
Welcome to our forum! Enjoy your stay here

General Discussion / IRC CHATLOG#1- 6:25-6:36 9/8/16
« on: August 09, 2016, 06:37:42 pm »
Chat log dump
 [18:25] == Krishiv [webchat@] has joined #Super-chatster
[18:25] == Tdsion [webchat@] has quit [Client Quit]
[18:26] == gamer [webchat@] has joined #Super-chatster
[18:26] <Krishiv> Now what
[18:26] == gamer [webchat@] has quit [Client Quit] [18:26] <Krishiv> Anyone?
[18:26] == gamer [webchat@] has joined #Super-chatster
[18:26] <Krishiv> Now what
[18:26] <gamer> idk
[18:26] <Krishiv> Dont refresh
[18:26] <gamer> ik
[18:27] <Krishiv> want to play dostuff Multiplayer edition?
[18:27] <gamer> not today
[18:27] <Krishiv> We got time
 [18:27] <Krishiv> My minecraft graphics got laggy
 [18:27] <gamer> but i will soon have to go
[18:27] <Krishiv> didnt render correctly
[18:27] <Krishiv> updated java. still remain
[18:27] <gamer> ok
 [18:28] <Krishiv> Q/A Time: Ask me
 [18:28] <gamer> which game have you been playing?
[18:28] <Krishiv> Atmosphir
[18:28] <gamer> oh
 [18:28] <Krishiv> And SUPERHOT
[18:28] <Krishiv> cuz my computer is fixed
[18:28] <gamer> Superhot is goood
 [18:28] <gamer> i plan on playing portal 2
 [18:28] <Krishiv> it still runs in slow mo
[18:29] <gamer> is ur steam account limited?
 [18:29] <Krishiv> idk
[18:29] <Krishiv> i got a steam acc and i havent been in it
[18:29] <gamer> did you bought anything with a credit card
[18:29] <gamer> ?
[18:29] <Krishiv> nothing
[18:29] <gamer> so its limited
 [18:29] <Krishiv> only bough MCPE
[18:29] <Krishiv> not from steam
 [18:29] <gamer> we cant add eachother on it
 [18:29] <Krishiv> from app store
 [18:29] <gamer> oh
 [18:30] <Krishiv> theres a steam emulator
[18:30] <gamer> i have like 8 games on steam
[18:30] <Krishiv> called SmartSteamEmu
 [18:30] <Krishiv> I got 2 games in it
[18:30] <gamer> which?
 [18:30] <Krishiv> Monaco and Portal 2
[18:30] <Krishiv> Monaco is good
[18:30] <gamer> If i get portal 2 we can play co op
[18:30] <Krishiv> Stealthy...
 [18:30] <Krishiv> I dont have portal 2 in my pc
 [18:30] <gamer> oh
[18:31] <Krishiv> its somewhere in other hdd
 [18:31] <Krishiv> old version tho
[18:31] <gamer> it will probably automatically update
 [18:31] <Krishiv> No it cant. its ****
[18:31] <gamer> you said you have it on steam
[18:31] <Krishiv> i have it on SmartSteamEmu(Steam emulator)
[18:31] <Krishiv> not real steam
 [18:32] <gamer> oh
 [18:32] <Krishiv> It just emulates that the game runs on steam
[18:32] <gamer> ok
 [18:32] <gamer> did you ever played cs?
[18:32] <Krishiv> No. But played GTA
[18:32] <Krishiv> and call of duty
[18:32] <Krishiv> on psp
[18:33] <Krishiv> which is now crap
[18:33] <gamer> why?
 [18:33] <Krishiv> its screen is messed up
[18:33] <gamer> oh you broke it?
 [18:33] <Krishiv> and has been recycled
 [18:33] <Krishiv> no
[18:33] <Krishiv> its in garbage somewhere
 [18:33] <Krishiv> I pressed the screen so hard that it happened
 [18:34] <Krishiv> It got badder and badder everyday
[18:34] <gamer> its screen was that weak?
[18:34] <Krishiv> no
[18:34] <Krishiv> The graphics werent fit
 [18:34] <Krishiv> The graphics got messed up
[18:34] <gamer> i have like 350 hours in cs go
[18:34] <Krishiv> gg
[18:34] <gamer> lol
[18:34] <gamer> i will have to go now bye
[18:34] <Krishiv> kk
 [18:35] <Krishiv> bye
 [18:35] <Krishiv> argh im not the admin
[18:35] <Krishiv> i havent got @ before the name

News / DoStuff: Custom Content Coming Soon!
« on: August 09, 2016, 06:15:47 pm »
Custom Content!

Custom content for DoStuff is coming soon! It currently looks like above
The Next update for DoStuff will include the following
  • Support to add custom sprites to any object
    • May not work on every object
  • New Saving system. Files saved using old system will never work
  • More stuff coming soon!
PS. This is my first post in html

News / DoStuff:The fancy update(V 1.3 alpha)
« on: August 04, 2016, 05:13:48 pm »
A new DoStuff update has been released.
Get it Here.
  • Tutorial Levels
  • Every level has moving clouds.
  • New Revamped set select with cards
  • Walking Animation!
  • Diverse varieties of bricks
  • Pickup animation of coins
  • Server has a new /debugon command to debug.
  • Server has been upgraded to support the latest DoStuff Update
  • Starting and ending animation is now faster. No more waiting for the program to close.

News / DoStuff:Big Update Released!
« on: June 23, 2016, 07:03:39 pm »

A big update for DoStuff is going to come soon. It will no longer limit you to play the default level since.You will be able to make one of your own. With the editor!
EDIT: The update is released! Grab it from here.

  • You will need to right click the editor-buttons to press them.
  • Left click to place, right click to destroy!
  • Levels are saved in a format that takes less space.
  • Level loading is fast
  • You will be able to edit levels made by others
  • A custom level browser to see your levels.
Random stuff
  • Fancy animations!
  • Fixes to bugs
  • Wires
    • Editor Exclusive
    • Buttons are its power source
    • Can be connected to gates(place beside them)
  • New textures for Exit
  • New textures for teleport range.
  • New textures for clones
  • The game is now Alt+F4 able(except when in pause screen)

General Discussion / Re: Announcement:Forum rules
« on: June 11, 2016, 03:24:46 pm »
Get rekt webdumpster

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