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Author Topic: Introducing DoStuff!  (Read 39 times)

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Introducing DoStuff!
« on: May 16, 2016, 03:45:37 pm »

Introducing DoStuff a singleplayer multiplayer compatible game. You control your character using arrow keys
and space. You use the help of your clones in some situations to complete the level.
Below is the DoStuff download link.
Download Link
DoStuff alpha build 1.0:This is an alpha build so there may be bugs and problems. There are no sounds
Arrow keys to move.
Press and holdSpacebar to enter clonemode.
(Controls while in clonemode:
Arrow keys to move
Release spacebar to create a clone and exit clonemode
Insert-Key to open console.
Esc key to close console and to show menu.

Clone Types:

Green: These mimic your controls. They can only be controlled outside clonemode.
Blue: These mimic what you did before you entered clonemode.
Purple: These can be created at a specific point in the timeline. Press left/right keys to change the specific point.
White: This is multiplayer.

Commands :Do /help for more

To start DoStuff:
1.Unzip files
2.Run DoStuff Unpacker_x32.exe
3.Unzip the result.
4.Run DoStuff.exe

To host multiplayer:
1.Run game.
2.Click on white power on the Set Select(the first screen)
3.Click Host.
4.Enter port.
5.Enter Maximum players(default 20)
6.The Server app will open.
7.Portforward the port you entered. For more info go here.
(i).Google "My public ip"
(ii).The IP in the box is the IP you have to share with the ones who wish to join your server.
(NOTE: People can't connect if you haven't port forwarded)
(i).Register and download the software
(ii).Run software.
(iii).Login from the software.
(iv).Enter the port you had entered in the DoStuff.
(v).The public address is the IP address you need to share with the ones who wish to join your server.

To Join Server:

1.Run game.
2.Click on white power on the Set Select(the first screen)
3.Click Join.
4.Enter your multiplayer username(there is no authentication)
5.Click on any set.
6.You will be asked for IP.
7.Enter the IP of the server.
8.Enter "localhost"(without quotes) to join the server you hosted on your pc.
9.Enter the port of the server.
10.You are done.

Report any bugs
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